Website Hosting

Amazon AWS Elastic Cloud Servers. Lightning fast fully responsive servers that scale with your business. Easily add features if/when you need them.

Basic Hosting

Hosting that is good for a single page website.

Standard Hosting

This hosting package is good for most lead generation websites that have multiple pages and a contact form.

Advanced Hosting

Top of the line. Advanced hosting is good for websites that have blogs and/or e-commerce functionality.

Tech Specs

Features Basic Standard Advanced
Memory 1 GiB 2 GiB 8 GiB
CPU 1 Virtual Core 1 Virtual Core 2 Virtual Core
Storage EBS Storage EBS Storage EBS Storage
Network Low to Moderate Moderate Moderate to High
Domain Management
Customer Support
Security (Firewall)
24/7 Monitoring
1 Hour Development time (Per Month)
Cost $50/Month $75/Month $100/Month
Buy Basic Buy Standard Buy Advanced