Bay Anesthesia Group


Bay Anesthesia Group’s Journey with The Website Cannon

Bay Anesthesia Group, struggling with a restrictive proprietary platform and an incorrect domain name, enlisted “The Website Cannon” in 2020 to revamp their online presence. The group, offering critical anesthesia services in California, lacked control over their site and were virtually invisible. The Website Cannon promptly secured the correct domain, migrated them to WordPress, and crafted a dynamic, user-friendly website that reflected their professionalism.

The results were remarkable. The new WordPress site enabled Bay Anesthesia Group to break free from limitations, expanding their services from a local clientele to covering over 90% of California. The website’s effectiveness skyrocketed, attracting new inquiries, partnerships, and solidifying their position as anesthesia leaders. This collaboration exemplifies how strategic digital transformation can drive substantial growth and amplify impact.

Project Title: Bay Anesthesia Group

Completion Date: May 2023

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